Montag, 27. Juli 2015

Block Party

Draußen Sturm, drinnen Turm. 

Die Kinder brauchen trotzdem etwas Bewegung. Wie wäre es damit, mal eine Mauer zu legen, auf der es sich balancieren lässt? Oder vielleicht ein paar Hindernisse bauen, über die man springen kann? Ein kleiner Bewegungs-Parkour kommt immer gut an!

Was fällt euch oder euren Kindern noch ein?

Summer is fading, autumn is waiting just to race in. With wind, with storm. Couldn't it be a bit more gentle, Mister? We haven't soaked in enough sun yet to be ready for your tempers! 

If the seasons are not balanced at this place at the edge of Europe, we need to find ways to do it ourselves. 

Therefore, get your wooden blocks out, lie them in a line and balance. Or if you feel a bit more tempered built little obstacles with the blocks and jump right over! 

A little parkour at home is always welcomed by my little ones in order to balance their needs!

Have you any other ideas what to do with blocks? Let me know!

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